Private Policy

Private Policy


The cookie is a special text, often encoded, sent by a server to a web browser and then sent back (unmodified) by the browser, each time that server accesses it. Cookies are used for authentication as well as for tracking user behavior; typical applications are the retention of user preferences and the implementation of the "shopping cart" system.

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In our privacy policy you can find the way we deal with the personal data of our visitors / clients.


The purpose of this notification of correct processing ("Notification") is to inform you about how Hetton Parts SRL ("us" and "our") will process your personal data as a data controller and about the measures and processes created to ensure adequate protection.

Phone: +4 0721 528 736




Your personal data can only be processed:

  • if you gave your consent;
  • if the processing is necessary to provide you with our products or services;
  • if the processing is necessary to respond to a request from you;
  • if the processing is necessary to maintain our relationship with you;
  • when processing is necessary to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.



We process the following types of personal data:

  • Your name, e-mail address and other contact details;
  • Information about your products registered with us;
  • Details about your preferences for the types of events or promotional materials;
  • Details regarding your access to our sites (including IP address);
  • Your messages, feedback or contributions to customer surveys and questionnaires.

The obligation to provide personal data in certain cases exists to allow the management and maintenance of the relationship with you, to provide our products and / or services and to comply with our legal obligations. In case you refuse to provide personal data, there is the possibility of our inability to maintain the relationship with you and / or to provide you our products or services.

In order to maintain relations with you and to be able to offer you our services and products promptly, please contact us when changes of your personal data occur or if you find that we have incorrect personal data. We will not be liable for any loss arising from inaccurate, unauthorized, deficient or incomplete personal data you provide to us.



The collection of personal data will, in most cases, be done from the information you transmit.

Also, we can collect your personal data from our representatives and partners, publishers of magazines, PR companies, from the registrations of government agencies and from social networks.



The personal data will be processed from the point of view of managing our relationship with you and providing our products and services,for:

  • To provide the requested products or services;
  • Respond to your messages or letters;
  • To offer promotional and marketing materials about the products and services that we consider you are interested in;
  • To manage, develop and improve a range of products and services;
  • Monitor and evaluate compliance with the law and our policies and standards;
  • To comply with legal and regulatory obligations and requirements, anywhere in the world, including reporting and / or auditing by national and international regulatory bodies;
  • To carry out financial and credit checks and against money laundering and for the prevention and detection of fraud and crime;
  • Administrative purposes related to security and access to our websites and applications;
  • Respecting court decisions and exercising and /or defending our legal rights;
  • Any other legitimate commercial purpose;
  • Any reason permitted or required by any applicable law or regulation.



We do not sell and we will not sell, rent or trade personal data. These can only be revealed to the following recipients:

  • to third parties who process personal data on our behalf (such as our system providers);
  • our employees;
  • subcontractors, suppliers or persons affiliated with the service providers insofar as this is imperative in order to provide the services we offer;
  • any third party to whom we assign or revoke any of our rights or obligations;
  • to any government, regulatory agency, enforcement or exchange body or court, when we are required by law to do so or applicable regulations or upon their request.



We are committed to protecting your personal data and will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security to protect your personal data from accidental or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification, disclosure or access.



If you wish to update, modify or delete your personal data we hold or to restrict / revoke the use of any personal data we hold, you may request this by contacting us in writing by email or mail and by unsubscribing from newsletter.

In any of the situations listed above, in order to comply with security obligations, to avoid subsequent inconveniences and to prevent unauthorized disclosure of data, we may ask you to prove your identity by providing us with a copy of a valid identification document.



The data will be kept for an indefinite period in order to analyze them, unless, in the meantime, you ask us that these data be deleted.



There is the possibility to modify or update parts of this notification in order to maintain compliance with the applicable laws and regulations or in case of changing our internal policies. This will be done by updating this notification on our website Such a change will not necessarily be notified directly. Please check this page periodically so that you are informed of any changes or updates.



If you have questions about the content of this notification or your personal data or you wish to make a request regarding your personal data, please contact us using the methods presented below:

  • Updating the details directly in your account;
  • Email:;
  • Post office: HETTON PARTS SRL, 43 Grivitei Street, Deva, Hunedoara county, Romania, Postal code: 330060